In-person, virtual or a combination?

Our philosophy is to start with the WHY.

CBOSS caters to the following types of Virtual Events:

  • Virtual Launches
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Virtual Meetings / Discussions
  • Virtual Trade Shows
  • Webinars

We understand the way to work out the best platform that will help you to achieve your organisation's objectives and vision.Once we understand the why, we will know how to build an event that engages your audience and creates an impact.

  • Event Landing Page
  • Ticketing
  • Gamification & Leaderboards
  • Branded Interfaces & Halls
  • Networking & Interactive Chatbox
  • Committed Tech Support
  • Integrations
  • Customisations
  • Event Reporting

Once we understand the why, we will know how to build an event that engages your audience and creates an impact.


Our most recent virtual conferences
that we have successfully organised.

Not all our clients are based in Malaysia. We have successfully hosted Asia Pacific events for clients based in Singapore, Japan and of course Malaysia with their guests joining in from all across Asia.

Our highest number of attendees for a single event to date is 1700 over virtual delegates from 116 countries.

Mon, Apr 3, 12:44 PM

The 11th COSC UM-APOTS Ophthalmic Trauma Meeting 2022

COSC-APOTS 2022 is ready to welcome Ophthalmologists from the Asia-Pacific and across the world, as Malaysia re-opens its borders. The theme of this hybrid conference is Repair, Restore, Rehabilitate, pRevent – Ophthalmic Trauma 360.
Mon, Apr 3, 12:42 PM

51st Malaysian Orthopaedic Association (MOA) Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) & Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022

51st MOA 2022 goes HYBRID from the heart of Kuala Lumpur city with exciting and interactive sessions, cadaveric demonstration, and workshops.
Fri, Mar 3, 10:28 AM

Kind Malaysia 3.0

Kind Malaysia 3.0 is a two-day event and expo designed to bring together compassionate individuals and organizations with similar goals. This event aims to establish connections that will lead to acts of kindness towards our community. Our role in the organising committee was to create the content for the panel discussions. The final result after hours of content curation and meetings were 2 panel discussions which featured influential changemakers who are making a positive and landmark impact in their respective fields. These panelists include successful NGO founders, TEDx speakers, and award-winning activists and their corporate partners. Together, they have made remarkable contributions in addressing societal issues such as urban poverty, waste reduction, and wildlife conservation.


We understand the difference between a meeting format and a broadcast platform. Different platforms for different needs.

Our mantra is “Go To Your Customers. Not make your customers come to you.”

Our team is tech ready and experienced to ensure your event uses the right platform to meet your objectives.

Our arsenal of solutions includes the following:-

  • C-BOSS Webcast Platform
  • Provide Hardware And Software
  • Digital Event Technology
  • Rehearsals
  • Pre Recording Sessions
  • Video Editing
  • Green Screen Studios

Video & virtual conferencing technology


Webinars organised since 2019


It Takes A Team To
Organise A Conference

Let our experienced team manage the following for you, saving you the time and energy.

  • Customised Conference Website
  • Pre-Conference Website which goes live way before your event starts.
  • Website that goes live on the day of the event and brings together your virtual and in-person attendee.
  • Post-Conference Website with On-Demand videos.
  • Games within your virtual conference.

All of the above are also available for any healthcare company or brand that wants to own their own event space and host multiple events in a year.


Branding Virtual Events

Go beyond Zoom.

Personalise your virtual events to create more impact and brand engagement with your audience.

Our packages for webinars include custom slide templates, invitations and e-certificates.


Engage With
Your Audience

2020 experience has shown us that brands which leveraged on virtual events have gained momentum over their competition.

Unlike many assumptions, virtual events when done right, have proven to be golden opportunities to engage with your customers.

Contact us and we’ll share with you the secrets to using virtual events to sell and connect with your customers.

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We Let Our Clients
Speak For Us

Track Record
Sharon Moore
Sharon Moore
Integrative Airway Summit 2022: was run by an exemplary team of medical event management professionals: Medical Conference Partners
john walker
john walker
This event is an excellent and outstanding presentation of current trends for healthcare professional’s awareness, diagnostic recommendations and treatment timing and therapies presented by various specialities encouraging necessary collaboration.
drong mft
drong mft
Very professional team.
Dr Rashdan Zaki bin Mohamed
Dr Rashdan Zaki bin Mohamed
We have the luxury of having Edward and his team from MCP, taking care the IT support during our recent international conference (APPES & MPA 2021) with more than 1000 delegates, esteemed speakers and experts from all over the world, together in a 3-days virtual conference. Smooth virtual experience with almost no glitch at all. He and his team very professional and effective. Kudos to the team
Azriyanti binti Anuar Zaini
Azriyanti binti Anuar Zaini
very professional, quick to sort out problems, very flexible to time and requests.
Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin
Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin
APPES & MPA Congress 2021
Dee Dee and team at Medical Conference Partners (and previously as Bloom Communications) have been running our orthopaedic conferences (Malaysian Orthopaedic Association) for some years, very well. Typical attendance over 2000 delegates. This time we had a fully online conference, just concluded. Fantastic effort, with 2 virtual auditoriums (auditoria?), 2 virtual exhibitor halls, lobby, meeting place, etc. I normally dread online anything, but this was a resounding success.